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Packaging Line Control Made Easy

Introducing the only universal marking and coding automation platform that works with virtually any hardware or software.

The MPERIA® marking and coding automation platform centralizes control of your primary, secondary, and tertiary marking, adapting seamlessly to YOUR environment.

Drop on Demand

Matthews’ DOD printers are suitable for many different large character applications, including packaging and industrial, as well as the harshest environments. Our DOD systems feature the longest life and most reliable print head in the industry. The exclusive micro-valve technology dramatically lowers ink consumption while maintaining impressive quality and speed. Our robust 8000+ series print heads produce a high resolution mark by overlapping a series of smaller dots, allowing for a range in character height of 3/32” to 5”. Simple to operate and with minimal maintenance, our DOD ink jet systems typically have lower capital and operational costs than other inkjet technologies.

High Resolution Inkjet

Use high resolution inkjet when you need the highest quality print on your corrugated boxes and other porous materials. Often a substitute for pre-printed labels or boxes, high resolution inkjet affords you the convenience of on-demand printing of batch and date codes, variable text, graphics, and barcodes, eliminating your need to stock such costly items.

Matthews’ MPERIA™ T-Series high resolution printer operates using piezoelectric technology. The robust printhead create dark, crisp images with print heights up to 3.94” (100mm) from a single printhead. Our superior ink efficiency, and re-circulating auto-prime function, contributes to up to 35% less ink consumption than competing brands.

The MPERIA™ L-Series thermal ink jet printer provides variable data printing with high native print resolution (600 x 600 dpi) up to 200 feet per minute, nearly twice as fast as other thermal ink jet printers. There are numerous ink offerings for porous and non-porous applications, as well as inks for challenging applications. The advanced nozzle design reduces ink consumption making the L-Series a cost-effective alternative to labels and thermal transfer printing. Changeover is easy as snapping in a new ink cartridge, no maintenance and no repairs.

Laser Marking

Matthews offers a complete line of CO2, diode and fiber laser marking machines to suit your marking and coding needs. Our lasers are designed to fit a number of industrial and packaging applications, whether you need to mark in static or continuous mode, and onto a variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, foils, coated metals, and building materials. Laser coding doesn’t involve any inks or chemicals, making it a very clean, eco-friendly and cost-efficient method of marking your product.


Thermal Inkjet System

The VIAjet™ L-Series is a high-resolution thermal ink jet printer that prints variable data or simple text and graphics at unprecedented speeds. Its native print resolution marks at up to 1200 feet per minute, nearly twice as fast as other thermal ink jet printers. The advanced nozzle design reduces ink consumption, making the L-Series a cost-effective alternative to labels and thermal transfer printing.

Matthews offers numerous L-Series inks for porous and non-porous substrates, including fast dry and colors. Ink changeover is as easy as snapping in a new ink cartridge – no maintenance and no repairs. For applications using heavy ink volumes, the VIAjet™ L-Series Bulk Ink System will allow you to print twice as fast and your cartridge can last twice as long.



Developed as a universal platform for various Matthews print technologies, MPERIA® allows you to manage messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations. Best of all, MPERIA® is scalable, allowing your business to grow without impacting your marking system.

Pairing an intuitive, touch screen GUI with PC-based hardware, the MPERIA® controller is simple to use and is available in several sizes to meet your needs. Drive multiple technologies, such as high resolution inkjet, thermal inkjet, valve jet technology, as well as automation integration functions for scanners, material handling control, and custom GUI. Seamless integration with ERP systems and databases helps to reduce coding errors and improves productivity. Control functions remotely to alleviate operator error or to efficiently coordinate multiple printers simultaneously. Connect via Ethernet or by simple command line interface over its serial port, or do so wirelessly utilizing its Virtual Network Computing capabilities.