Westmark Labels & Marking provides quality products, superior customer service, and thermal transfer ribbon and label application expertise.

Westmark Labels & Marking provides a powerful lineup of thermal transfer ribbons in wax, wax/resin, and resin formulations designed to meet a broad range of applications and give you all the ribbons you need through one supplier. No matter how demanding your application, we have a ribbon to meet your durability requirements. Our thermal transfer ribbons provide ultimate smudge and scratch resistance, produce dark, crisp images, and resist damage from harsh environmental conditions.

Westmark Labels & Marking thermal transfer ribbons deliver highly readable, razor-sharp bar codes and other variable information. Extensive research and testing ensure that our products will perform to your expectations the first time – and every time. Our exclusive SmoothCoat® backcoat helps reduce friction to prolong printhead life, eliminate build up, and reduce the effects of heat on PET film carriers.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to TTR. That’s why we craft performance, confidence, reliability and uptime into every roll. No shortcuts. No excuses. No compromises.

Flathead/Traditional Ribbons

Westmark LM offers a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin thermal transfer printer ribbons. We’ve got the thermal transfer ribbon to meet any application need. We know our customers depend on our quality products and impeccable service, so we manufacture the world’s finest thermal transfer ribbons, backed by the industry’s fastest delivery.

Near Edge Ribbons

Westmark LM’s near edge thermal transfer ribbons are specifically designed for next-generation thermal transfer printing. They offer superior performance for creating crisp, clean, sharp-looking barcodes for a wider variety of substrate materials. Each near edge ribbon is formulated with our exclusive backcoat technology and anti-static properties for maximum printhead protection.

Traditional/Flathead Near Edge
  Economy (Wax) Premier (Wax) Multi Range (Wax/Res) Ultra (Resin) Multi-Range (Wax/Resin)  Ultra (Resin)
Duration of Use: Short term / Temporary Medium Term Long Term / Permanent Medium Term Long Term / Permanent
Paper Type: Paper & Tag (Uncoated, Coated), Synthetic Paper Paper & Tag (Coated), Synthetic Paper, Vinyl, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Polyester Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Polyester, Polyimide Paper & Tag (Uncoated, Coated), Synthetic Paper, Synthetic Paper, Vinyl, Cast, Oriented Polypropylene, Low, Medium, Hight Density Polyethylene Cast, Oriented Polypropylene, Low, Medium, Hight Density Polyethylene, Polyester, Other
Type of Use: Shipping, shelf, bin, retail, and warehouse labels Barcode, shipping, prescription pharmaceutical, and shelf labels Sensitive medical applications and chemicals, textile or garment labels, automotive labels, and flexible packaging
Exposure: Indoors Indoor, Mosture, Light handling/scratching/abrasion, Sunlight, moderate temperature changes Indoor, Mosture, Light handling/scratching/abrasion, Sunlight, moderate temperature changes, Water, Chemicals, medical applications/machines, Outdoors, Heavy Handling/scratching/abrasion, Extreme Temperature Changes, UV Exposure

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