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In-house labeling makes clear business sense. Print the labels you need, when they’re needed.


Digitally print labels and finish them in-line at up to 60 ft/min. Also great for converting blank labels.


Digitally cut and finish labels of virtually any size and shape. Plotter-style cutters remove the need for dies.

L301 Industrial Color Label Printer for Small Business

Bringing label printing in-house with the L301 Professional Label Printer allows brands the flexibility they need to grow. Instead of ordering minimum label quantities that can result in wasted or outdated labels, brands can print the labels they need, when they need them. The L301 also opens the door to seasonal product labeling, and private labeling products for customers.


L501 Color Label Printer With DuraPrime™ Duo Ink Technology

The Afinia Label L501 has Duo Ink Technology, designed to use both pigment and dye inks to create waterproof and highly vibrant labels. Powered by HP thermal inkjet technology, this dual-ink feature uses separate CMYK cartridges and allows for a quick transition from vibrant and colorful prime, to ultra-durable and waterproof label applications with a simple printhead swap.


L701 Color Label Printer

The intuitive L701 Color Label Printer is a great option for small- to mid-sized companies looking to print their own full-color labels in house. The Memjet-powered stationary printhead provides speed, industrial reliability, and stunning image quality. Key Features Print speed of up to 12 m/min (8 IPS) Compact form factor Affordable cost without compromising quality Works with label rolls or fanfold media Professional output – crisp images and text


L801 Industrial Color Label Printer

The L801 Color Label Printer is an industrial web-fed inkjet solution, ideal for short- to medium-range print runs for inventory and product identification applications. It’s easy to use, has an integrated unwinder, works with any Windows-based application, and is available with an optional rewinder. The L801 is compatible with a wide range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks from major vendors. Upgrade your printer to the L801 Plus for increased water and moisture resistance


L901 Industrial Color Label Printer

The L901 combines industrial design, exceptional image quality, and high production speeds with a new ability to service and maintain the printhead “on-the-fly.” This makes the L901 perfect for long roll-to-roll print jobs or inline integration with label finishers, applicators, dispensers, and more. Upgrade your printer to the L901 Plus for increased water and moisture resistance.


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DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press

Mini Digital Label Press

The Afinia Label DLP-2000 is a mini digital label press, powered by Memjet technology, that allows you to print, laminate, die cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind labels in one process.

Print & Finish Labels Quickly

With a Memjet-powered L801 industrial label printer built in, the DLP-2000 can print and finish labels at up to 30 ft/min (9 m/min) at 1600 x 1600 dpi to create vivid, photograph-quality color labels.

Convert Blank Label Stock

The DLP-2000 can also create die-cut labels that are ready for printing. With a 14″ flexible die, it’s possible to run the DLP-2000 in full-rotary mode which will convert blank labels at a rate of over 140 ft/ min (43 m/min).

DLF-220L Digital Label Finisher

The Afinia Label DLF Series includes all-in-one systems that unwind, laminate*, knife cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind in one simple process to create professionally finished labels. These solutions are perfect for on-demand, short run label finishing from digital color label printers. Please refer to the comparison chart below for information on each product’s specifications.


Afinia Label DLF-1100

The DLF-1100 works directly from your design software with its convenient plug-in for Illustrator and CorelDraw. The “cut lines” from your label designs can be easily imported. The front panel controls and LCD display allow for fast set up, simple adjustment of cutting pressure, and easy alignment of the cut to the image. The DLF-1100 is designed to digitally finish printed rolls from printers such as the Afinia Label L801 Color Label Printer.