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Print & Apply System

The large color touch screen is intuitive and makes operation simple and error free. The very clean and straight forward label path allow anyone to quickly change the label roll. Mechanical printer adjustments are eliminated thanks to the rigid and precise chassis, which secure high quality printing over time.

Available Printer Models

We offer both Direct and Thermal Transfer Models


4″ Direct Thermal printer with 300 dpi resolution


4″ Thermal transfer printer with 300 dpi resolution


6″ Thermal transfer printer with 300 dpi resolution



 The apply distance can be as long as up to 100 mm. No moving parts gives very high speed – with the standard printer up to 90 labels/min with dynamic data. With optional high-speed printer version, the capacity is up to 180 labels/minute. The same applicator can handle label sizes from 35×35 mm to 100×100 mm. 


Allows contact free and safe labeling of labels with size up to 150×100 mm (6″x4″) for the T63 printer or up to 118×100 mm (4 3/4″x4″) with the D43 or T43 printer. The patented applicator plate with integrated vacuum injectors and blow nozzle, allow high accuracy label apply of distances up to 200 mm.


Evolabel belt applicator applies labels with high speed and precision on the base or on top of packages. A vacuum belt transports the label from the printer to the product. Running the belt at the same speed as the conveyor gives very accurate label positioning also on extremely light products. The same applicator can handle various label sizes from 30×30 mm to 118×150 mm.


Label size can be as small as 30×20 mm up to 118×200 for the 4” printer and up to 178×200 for the 6″ printer. With several independent and integrated vacuum ejectors, the patented applicator plate allow different size labels, gives safe label apply and minimized air consumption. Its low weight makes it fast – up to 120 labels per minute.


The Evolabel eTamp is the latest generation tamp applicator. Rigid but light aluminum profile allow various version stroke lengths, from 150 mm up to 850 mm, yet with a perfectly maintained label precision. The fact that the eTamp is stepper motor driven instead of pneumatic, also reduce weight and increase flexibility and safety. The exact stroke length is simply set from the graphic user interface of the printer and can change automatically when changing from one type of product to another. The stepper motor driven solution makes the eTamp a very safe tamp applicator – put your hand in front of the applicator and it automatically turns back to its home position.


e-Commerce drives in-line labeling requirements to higher levels and leading providers of warehouse and distribution solutions identify traditional print and apply systems as bottlenecks. Evolabel eliminates that bottleneck with the QuickTamp – the fast and friendly Logistics Labeling System. The fast and flexible applicator is based on Evolabels unique Tactile apply solution, where the movement constantly is monitored and controlled, making the system totally safe for any user or object accidentally getting in its way. If the movement is restricted, the system will immediately stop and alert with an alarm or warning.


Originally developed for high speed labeling of planks in the wood industry, the Evolabel eWipe applicator is not only very fast, it is also built for tough environments. The capacity is up to 3 labels per second with variable information and without any print queue, ensuring the right product is labelled with the correct information every time. The eWipe applicator suits the D43 and the T43 printers and it apply labels with size from 50×15 mm up to 118×40 mm.


The Evolabel Wipe G2 applicator is designed to apply 2 labels on adjacent sides of a box or simply at the front or back in high speed. It is also perfect for corner wrap applications, where one part of the label is applied on the front and the other part of the label is wiped around the corner to the top or side of the box. The unique tactile arm detects not only the product for perfect label apply but also any obstacle in its way, making it totally safe for the user. 


The Evolabel Wipe90 G2 applicator allow fast, accurate and safe label apply on one or two faces of the box. The unique tactile arm detects not only the product for perfect label apply but also any obstacle in its way, making it totally safe for the user. Furthermore, this allow precise labeling even on very light products, both adjacent sides and corner wrap. The ease of use and reliability makes the Wipe90 G2 well suited for automated industries and logistic centers. The systems fast and rotating movement 90 degrees versus the print direction, makes it ideal for applying wide and short labels at high speed and accuracy. A function for pre-apply position gives very accurate label positions also at very high speeds. Suitable label sizes for this applicator stretches from 30 x 20 mm to 178 x 160 mm.

Marking Stations

Evolabel also offers complete marking stations. These marking stations handle the product completely in regard of speed, apply distance, print & apply and optionally also rating, positioning, weighing, control scanning and rejection.


FlexWipe – a giant leap for Pallet Labeling


Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system turns traditional pallet labelling up-side-down. Instead of being dangerous, hard to use, large, slow and expensive, the Evolabel FlexWipe system is totally safe, user friendly, compact, fast and cost effective.

Front, Side and Rear pallet labeling

The free motion apply (patent pending) allows the same configuration to apply either of the two adjacent sides (side+front or side+back) within 12 seconds. This includes validation of all barcodes on the GS1 SSCC label. The FlexWipe system can label all three sides without having the pallet to stop if check scanning is not required.

FlexWipe Rotating Grid

MARKSnMORE, BarTender, and Evolabel


Enhancing safety – The unique Tactile arm eliminates any risk of crushing between the moving applicator arm and the printer or the pallet. If you put your hand in the way, the stepper motor driven arm stops and the system gives an alarm. The Tactile arm together with the Pivotable machine mount, negates the need of expensive guarding.