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SmartCount™ is the simplest production display and tracking system

With the ability to send production data into any database collection system. SmartCount™ is the easiest to implement, most economical, and feature rich counter and real-time productivity product on the market!

Why SmartCount™?

SmartCount™ control box includes (2) Sensor Input Ports, HDMI port, (4) USB ports, Ethernet Port, On/Off switch, Power On Indicator Light, Reset Button, and pre-loaded software. Just plug into any size HDMI screen (TV or Touchscreen), plug in power, turn on, mount sensor and you are ready to go!

Works with any size HDMI TV from 7 inches to 150+ inches to display the SmartCount screen in any character size for maximum visibility in your operations. Can connect to projectors for even larger visibility. If using a TV, optionally add any mouse for on-screen setting changes. SmartCount will also work with virtually any Touch Screen with no mouse required! SmartCount units include all 22 available display models! Simply buy a unit, select the display model right for you, and switch models at anytime!
Any screen size from 4 to 150+ inches

Scalable Visibility/Viewing Distance. See from across the plant!

22 Models – One Low Price

Maximum flexibility and lifespan

Multiple screen models to select from

Measure, display, and track exactly what you want, where you want it

Plug and play install and operation

Least amount of time to implement in operations. Less than 20 minutes from box to fully operational.

Data Streaming

Send SmartCount data, in standard ASCII format, through its Ethernet port to any customer data collection system.

Uses standard TV and touch screens.

Easy to service. Longest product life span. Maximum flexibility.

Data Collection

DSC_CSV Generator:

Easily save your data to a USB drive (free 32gb drive included!) Ability to track KPI’s, downtime, and reduce waste Access and analyze production data Optimize performance & Increase profitability


Scoreboard includes ability to:

Display up to 16 individual SmartCount™ displays Customize up to 10 different rotating Scoreboards Customize refresh rate Much More

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