Optimization is critical for success

With a designed MARKSTREAM™ solution implemented by Westmark Labels and Marking, manufacturers benefit from improved labeling. For example, when it comes to compliance, reduced errors, guaranteed data integrity MARKSTREAM™ will guide to the best systems.  Moreover, it is quality support from product to case to pallet, and improved optimization that will lead to success.


What is a MARKSTREAM™?

A MARKSTREAM™ is made up of all identifying marks, labels, barcodes, and corresponding data required by a manufacturer from receiving through production and shipping for product identification and traceability. Specifically, this includes such items as lot codes, product UPC labels, dates codes, case labels, pallet tags, and production reports.


MARKSTREAM™ OPTIMIZATION is Westmark’s methodology based on more than 35+ years in the marking business for analyzing company operations in order to design. Westmark expert staff can recommend, and implement the most effective and functional MARKSTREAM™ solutions possible. Integrated solutions may include thermal printers, automated labeling equipment, stock and custom labels, barcode scanners, and inkjet coders. Finally, Westmark has its own MARKSnMORE™ Software. Without a doubt, it is a key component for seamlessly managing the entire MARKSTREAM™ while collecting and tracking critical data every step of the process.

Data Collection, Tracking, & Reporting


Labels: Raw Material Labeling Equipments: Scanners Software: MARKSnMORE


Labels: Production Run Tickets, Batch Tickets Equipment: Desktop Printers Software: MARKSnMORE, Bartender, NiceLabel


Labeling: Primary Labels, Case Labels Equipment: Inkjet Printer, Industrial Marking, Laser Marking, Print & Apply Systems, SmartCount Software: MARKSnMORE, Bartender, NiceLabel


Labels: Retained Sample Labels Equipment: Scanners, SmartCount Software: MARKSnMORE, NiceLabel


Labels: Pallet Tags Equipments: Scanners, Pallet Labeler Software: MARKSnMORE, NiceLabel

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