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The Matthews Marking Systems MPERIA® marking and coding  platform is one of the only universal marking and coding automation platforms that can work with almost all marking technologies.

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Drop on Demand

One of the most dependable printheads in the industry, Matthews’ Drop on Demand large character printers are truly outstanding. With their custom micro-valve technology, they can be used in almost any industrial or packaging situation. The technology dramatically reduces ink consumption, never sacrificing the quality that Matthews Marking is known for. Keeping capital and operational cost down these DOD printers operate with minimal maintenance

High Resolution Inkjet

Printing on corrugated material, it can be challenging to maintain quality. Matthews Marking Systems’ inkjet solutions are a perfect alternative to pre-printed packaging. 

Matthews Marking Systems High Resolution Inkjet Printing

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Laser Marking

Modern CO2, diode and fiber laser marking systems allow for chemical free, eco-friendly permanent product marking. With Matthews Marking Systems lasers quality is maintained even at high speeds. There are very few surfaces that cannot be marked, and with minimal maintenance this are highly cost- effective systems.

Thermal Inkjet

Quality and clarity are critical for small character marking on high-speed production lines. Matthews Marking Systems VIAjet L-series inkjet printers are perfect for printing on both porous and non-porous surfaces. With the right long lasting ink cartridge and the ultra fast VIAjet inkjet system you will get one of the best marking system out there.

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