Continuous Inkjet Printers

Hitachi provides quality non-contact marking inkhet printers allowing for unparalleled quality. Ink is applied using efficient and versatile printheads, and simple to replacable ink cartridges that can be changed while production is still going. Easy to use control systems, and low maintainance makes Hitachi the perfect choice for a wide variety of industries, including food, electronics and medical.


Hitachi Multipurpose Printers

Need an inkjet printer that is versatile and quick adjust to a variety of different uses? Hitachi multipurpose inkjet printers are designed a with easy to use large screen interface and highly efficient umbilical design.


With a 10.4″ display, the Dynamic offers an intuitive touch screen operating system. Along with its quick ink cartridge change, production will continue at exceedingly high levels.


If cost is an issue, Hitachi has the perfect inkjet printer without losing the standard features. Key to this printer is that it is easy to use, simple to keep clean, and able to be used in harsh environments.

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Hitachi High Speed Printers

In high speed production Hitachi continuous inkjet printers shine. These printers are capable of 4 or 8 lines and still provide quality marking. Cartridge ink bottle are clean and easy to change are an important feature of the high-speed printers. Cost control is accomplished by low ink consumption.

UX-Twin Nozzle

Utilizing a twin nozzle, this inkjet printer can offer up to 240 printable characters and up to 8 links of marking. Because of this, speed is increased but quality is not sacrificed. 64-dot printing can achieve strong, large print characters, which is achieve by a unique stitching capability.

UX-High Speed

Capable of up to 4 lines of printing and up to 1,000 characters, this inkjet printer is a cost effective option. Easy to use, easy to maintain, and still featuring the best in speed and print quality.

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