Looking for a fully integrated industrial traceability software?  

MARKSnMORE™ software is a powerful industrial traceability solution for companies seeking to “master” their marking, labeling, and data tracking requirements. Addtionally, MARKSnMORE™ is a highly configurable and scaleable system for any food or product manufacturing.

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The supply chain traceability power of MARKSnMORE™

MARKSnMORE™ is an integrated system capable of communicating with multiple label printers, inkjet coders, and other marking devices. To begin with, the software is central to utilizing real-time inputs from product databases, barcode scanners, scales and other sources. This creates critical traceability data to meet industry standards. The software assists in generating and tracking lot numbers, triggering diverters and other mechanical devices. In the meantime, the company gathers valuable data every step of the way and increases productivity.

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