Westmark offers a complete line of barcode scanners and verifiers from the most reputable scanner manufacturers in the world. No matter what the application, Westmark has a barcode scanning device to meet your needs.

1D/2D Scanners


Zebra has developed a variety of hand held barcode scanners that are high quality, dependable and perfect for a variety of uses. First, they have general purpose scanner that work well with a limited budget. Secondly, they have ultra-rugged scanners that can handle many environments and are exceptionally durable. Perfect for a busy warehouse. Lastly, they have a complete line of healthcare barcode scanners that help providers be efficient in the modern healthcare clinics and hospitals.

Zebra Scanners


Looking for wireless handheld scanners for warehouses, retail, or disinfectant ready models for clinics, then Honeywell can provide the right tools for a business. The 1D readers are economical and easy to use. Additionally, their premium 2D scanners can handle a variety of environments, include the outdoors and refrigeration. Honeywell is known for quality and it shows.

Honeywell Scanners


Businesses that need handheld 2D barcode readers have depended on Microscan to deliver the latest technology that can solve any need. Moreover, the quality of Microscan’s handhelds can help companies with traceability and reliable identification in a busy operation. Their handheld units are designed to be durable and accurate.

Microscan Scanners

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3D Scanners and Imagers

Omron Microscan has for the past 40 years focused on innovative 3D scanning and imagery. Their combination of quality cameras and software has created fully integrated solutions for tight spaces and high-speed production lines.

Scalable for multi-platforms, their Visionscape® machine vision software is fully customizable. The full power of the software package is immense. Equally important, the ability to identify product flaws, color checking, product out of alignment, and pattern recognition are critical and this software excels at just that.

Smart cameras combined with their Visionscape® software allow for complex multi-camera vision systems. In particular, this must for modern production systems.

Microscan Scanners

Barcode Verifier

Whether it is global standards or FDA UDI compliance, a barcode verifier becomes an important part of the product tracking process. Omron Microscan has both handheld and tabletop barcode verifiers. The verifier can confirm accurate barcodes are delivered and quickly identify potential issues that can be corrected on the production line. In the rapid world of today’s production lines, the quality of the barcode is a must for maintaining business standards, and Omron Microscan has the tools to get the job done.

Microscan Scanners

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