Need to know if you are meeting your production line goals? 

Factrac offers an amazing tool that will allow businesses to gather production data, display key metrics on monitor scoreboards, and collect that data so can be used for key reporting on KPI goals to the business leadership. That tool is SmartCount™.

Why use SmartCount™?

Simple to setup and no programming needed SmartCount™ allows the business to track and display critial production numbers in real time. Connect the SmartCount™ equipment to your production line and plug into a monitor or touch screens via HDMI for quick set-up. Not only can you track production products on the line but you can also track production line down time, and much more! The data from the SmartCount™ can be sent through it’s Ethernet connection and be exported and used in reporting that matter to business operations. 

Data Collection

DSC_CSV Generator:

Easily save your data to a USB drive (free 32gb drive included!) Ability to track KPI’s, downtime, and reduce waste Access and analyze production data Optimize performance & Increase profitability


Scoreboard includes ability to:

Display up to 16 individual SmartCount™ displays Customize up to 10 different rotating Scoreboards Customize refresh rate Much More

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