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We have customers in a wide variety of industries…

Some industries require special equipment and/or special attention.

Aerospace & Automotive

The automotive sector is complex, with the varying label and marking needs, from part marking equipment to label printing machines for car parts. We are also capable of printing your rugged and window labels in-house on our flexographic and digital printing press.

Beer & Cider

In the ever-changing Craft Beer industry, some things remain constant. Consumers are your ultimate target and getting a customer to select your bottle from the crowded shelf is becoming more difficult by the day. There are few ways to truly stand out and the most cost-effective of those options is your label/bottle decoration. In addition to labeling your product, we can help you understand and purchase the equipment necessary to date code, apply the label, and much more. 


We have over 35 years of experience labeling beverage products in various beverage categories. Westmark has no minimum order quantities. As one might expect, the cost per label decreases with increasing label quantity. Westmark has access to a large variety of paper/label stock (paper, craft, estate, synthetics, etc.) to get you the final product you desire.

Building Materials

Boards and bundles need to be labeled and marked for the end users. Boards destined for the retail need to be labeled individually, and our Evolabel label application technology can apply ~180 labels a minute or 2 labels a second. The system is capable of printing unique messaging on each label. We also sell mobile marking systems that allow businesses to mark their bundles with logos, barcodes, or messages. Contact us today and let us help you.

Chemical & Industrial

From custom label printing to stock labels, we can supply you with everything you need. Contact us and let us know what you need. Order stock labels today and get them right away or have us ship your labels on demand to save your warehouse space and reduce your inventory levels. Not sure where to start or what you need? Contact us and we can help you get on track and moving in the right direction.

Consumer & Home

We know this sector is diverse in both products and labeling needs/complexity. Our experience in the industry and labeling can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your labeling and marking questions/problems will be answered/solved properly the first time. Contact us today with your labeling or marking questions or problems. Have a current provider and need a second source or new provider? Call us today and learn why thousands of customers choose Westmark.


Ever wondered why Craft Spirit bottles may differ in how they are labeled/decorated across the country? Sure, the big guys are the same everywhere, but they have an advertising budget to help drive the message home. Labeling/decorating on craft spirits differs in various states because of the distribution models implemented in those states. Any changes in distribution methodology can impact your sales due to the way your products are eventually presented to the end customer. Knowing a nuance like this is why our customers entrust Westmark with their label business. No one knows more about the labeling requirements than Westmark, but we take it a step further to get you the right label for your product and your market.

Food Processing

We have been working with food processors across the country for over 35 years. Our FDA-approved digital printing technology allows Westmark to produce short-run, variable print labels FDA-safe for unsealed containers. In addition to our digital technology we have a large number of flexographic presses to run medium to long label runs of all shapes and sizes. Our digital and flexo technologies provide our customers with a wide array of finishing options.
Our labeling technology is complemented by our selection of industry-leading hardware, from label printers to label applicators to date coding to TTO printing technologies, to help optimize your labeling and marking processes. We also provide our customers with the consumables to operate the hardware and a service shop to help ensure your hardware remains operational.


Westmark supports both traditional and non-traditional health product producers. Our digital printing capabilities can satisfy all the demands and requirements of the Pharma industry. In additional to the Pharma space, we support nutraceutical manufacturers, essential oil manufacturers and more. We have products to solve all your labeling and marking problems. We can help solve the most simple to the most complex problems you may have.


Wine labeling and bottle decoration has been and continues to be one of the most complex segments of the labeling industry. Due to the consumer demands and the endless choices available to the customers, wine producers like you need a way to differentiate your bottle from the rest of the pack. Our flexographic and digital presses are capable of providing you all the label features you need to stand out from the pack. Need to number each bottle of your run? We can do that. Need foil, embossing, and UV coating? We can do that too.
New wine brand and need help to design your logo or label? Our experienced art department will work closely with you to give you a final product both you and the customer will love.