We have customers in a wide variety of industries…

Some industries require special equipment and/or special attention. Our team of labeling and marking experts can help you solve your special industry needs. Just ask!

Aerospace & Chemical

The areospace and chemical sector is a complex industry, with varying label and marking regulations and requirements. Westmark is there to help you sort out what marking or labels you may need. We are also capable of printing your rugged… Read More


We have over 35 years of experience labeling beverage products in various beverage categories. Westmark has no minimum order quantities. As one might expect, the cost per label decreases with increasing label quantity. Westmark has access… Read More

Building Materials

Boards and bundles need to be labeled and marked for the end users. Boards destined for the retail need to be labeled individually, and our Evolabel label application technology can apply ~180 labels a minute or 2 labels a second. The system is… Read More

Industrial & Automotive

From custom label printing to stock labels, we can supply you with everything you need. Contact us and let us know what you need. Order stock labels today and get them right away or have us ship your labels on demand to save your warehouse… Read More

Consumer & Home

Making labels for the consumer market is something Westmark does exceptionally, It may be a label for a mustard bottle, bread packaging, or coffee cake. Maybe your product needs to mark the packaging with an expiration date. We have great… Read More

Food Processing

We have been working with food processors across the country for over 35 years. Our FDA-approved digital printing technology allows Westmark to produce short-run, variable print labels FDA-safe for unsealed containers. In addition to our digital… Read More


Westmark supports both traditional and non-traditional health product producers. Our digital printing capabilities can satisfy all the demands and requirements of the Pharma industry. In additional to the Pharma space, we support nutraceutical… Read More