Label Applicator

From a standard, off-the-shelf label applicator to a custom print and apply system, Westmark can help design and engineer the ideal system for your business. Westmark offers economical table-top dispensers to speed up production and high speed automatic labeling systems to accurately and efficiently label your products. Contact Westmark for all your applicating and dispensing needs.

Package & Box Label Applicators


Evolabel™ develops and manufacture the latest evolution print and apply machines for automatic labeling in automated production. Typical applications are manufacturing that needs a label applied on the product, on the box or on the pallet. It may be a barcode, best before date, table of contents, batch number, weight, etc. In applications where throughput and safety is essential, Evolabel does the job.


Nearly 50 years ago, Label-Aire introduced a revolutionary new method for applying pressure-sensitive labels, their patented “air-blow” labeling systems. This has become the  preferred labeling equipment method of label application. It eliminates the need for additional product handling . This pioneering technique has contributed to the widespread growth of pressure-sensitive labeling systems & labeling equipment.


5 Simple Reasons to choose CVC Technologies as your packaging partner:
all CVC machinery is built to ‘stock’ providing greater repeatability and availability. It’s modular in design and can be easily expanded to meet increasing production demand.

CVC’s equipment is operator friendly, holding 5 US Patents for its setup software Self Set™. Their technical support, field service, and spare parts all originate from their Fontana, CA headquarters. For the past 10 years, CVC has a proven track record installing turnkey packaging systems.

Bottle Label Applicator


CDA has been designing, engineering, selling and servicing high quality labeling machines for self-adhesive labels for over 20 years. They specialize in filling, capping and corking systems, in-feed and accumulation tables and conveyors.


Lable-aire understands the special needs for bottles and cans. They have designed  systems to be able to handle those speciality products. Labels may be self adhesive, or require glue, and designs of the labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes that require just the right application station. That is where Label-air comes in to provide just the right equipment to meet your needs.

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