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Industrial Printer

Whether you’re looking for a stand alone large character inkjet system, a high-speed small character printer, or even an ultra high-speed laser coder, we can help. We custom design and program state-of-the-art systems to help you mark your products and meet compliance requirements. We also stock inkjet printer components and supplies for immediate shipment.

Small Character (Continuous) Inkjet Printers


Hitachi America, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of industrial continuous inkjet printer products used for marking and coding in different packaging applications in the Americas marketplace. Our industrial continuous inkjet printers deliver state-of-the-art technology and advanced features to enable high-speed marking and coding operations. Hitachi industrial inkjet printers, including RX Series, PH Series, PXR Series, and PB Series inkjet printers, support end user’s track and traceability requirements via date code, expiration, and barcode serialization on any product-packaging surface. Besides, the Hitachi inkjet printer technology also allows non-contact printing flexibility to mark on rough, uneven, or varied surfaces from any direction.

Large Character Inkjet Printers

Matthews Marketing Systems

 With a variety of controllers, printheads, and inks available to choose from, Drop-On-Demand printing is suitable for many different packaging and industrial applications. Case coding, bags, lumber, and metals are just a few of the common applications where we have provided successful solutions. The flexible, modular design allows you to select the right combination for your needs.


 Our printers are specifically designed to meet the packaging and mailing requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. In every instance, the HSAUSA distribution network works closely with customers to develop and deliver the best possible results. HSAUSA printers, coders, and markers incorporate the latest innovative printing technology, so they are reliable, cost effective, easy-to-use, and have maintenance solutions built right in.

Digital Design

EVOLUTION is compact and easy to install, at an extremely low cost. Even better, EVOLUTION is virtually maintenance free. Traditionally, inkjet printing and low maintenance never went hand in hand. Whether it’s a large character system with clogged nozzles to clean and valves to be replaced; or a small character coder with ink changes to be made and a dirty print head to be cleaned, maintenance has always been an issue. Often, when time or personnel to perform maintenance tasks are scarce, printers remain in a less-than-perfect operating condition and poor quality codes are the result.


Diagraph Impulse Jet technology is engineered to achieve the sharpest high-resolution prints with the most forgiving of throw distances. Allowing for nearly 35% improved barcode scan-ability over other printers on the market, Diagraph’s IJ4000 High Resolution Impulse Jet series accommodates industry-leading ink throw distances of ¼” for machine readable barcodes and ½” throw distances for alphanumerics.

Capable of printing high resolution barcodes at 300 fpm, the IJ4000 system is built to withstand the harshest of industrial environments while minimizing downtime for maintenance. A single system can drive up to two separate packaging lines at one time. Compatible with porous substrates, including corrugated cases, gypsum and wood.

Thermal Transfer Overprint


Due to our exclusive focus on Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), we are continuously finding new ways to apply this superior digital coding technology to both traditional and specialty applications.

FlexPackPRO offers a wide range of TTO models to suit each flexible packaging application at the most competitive price point, and we’ve developed many innovative labeling integrations and off-line printing and coding systems as well.

Let a FlexPackPRO representative show you how TTO can dramatically improve your own packaging operations.

Marking Laser


As expert, in Inkjet-based printing Hitachi Europe launched its Laser marking business at Fachpack trade fair in 2015. Laser marking is a non-contact printing method that offers advantages including mark quality, permance and fewer consumables. Hitachi laser marking systems include CO2 and Vector laser sources in different power outputs to address a various range of substrates and applications. In addition a comprehensive portfolio of laser accessories, including lenses and beam turning units, simplify the integration into production lines.

Matthews Marking Systems

Matthews Marking Systems e-SolarMark C02 laser coding systems are ideal for high speed food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging applications, in addition to many different industrial applications. These lasers can permanently code onto cardboard, coated metals, glass, leather, paper, plastics, and wood. There are four power options to choose from, based on your speed and performance requirements, and there is also an IP65 rated, heavy duty version for washdown environments.

Spot Marker

Universal Stenciling & Marking

Universal’s USMR-20 Series Micro-Spray Markers are designed for color coding applications where spot or stripe marks are required for identification or acceptance/rejection indication marks. These units may be mounted near automation and sensitive test equipment, placed in marking stations on the production line or attached to robotic arms. The Micro-Spray Marker is an extremely compact, lightweight, low pressure marker designed for positioning in locations where space is severely limited. Capable of marking in any attitude, it’s low mass operation can apply marks at a rate of 180 marks per minute. The Micro-Spray Markers require 3-12 psi atomizing air and 70-80 psi trigger air pressure for operation.